Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Newest Composite in the OMNICHROMA Product Family- OMNICHROMA FLOW – will be Available Starting 02.01.2021


Here is the latest from Tokuyama.  As most of you know, in February of 2019, Tokuyama introduced Omnichroma composite.  This game changing material became the "go to" material for a lot of offices simply because it matched the surrounding tooth structure SO WELL that you didn't need other materials with a variety of available shades.  Basically. you could just put Omnichroma into the preparation and the shade was perfect.  

No longer did an office need to keep an inventory of shades to match teeth.  Omnichroma was sort of a "one size fits all" material... only it was a "one shade fits all" material.

Now, after two years on the market, the smart minds at Tokuyama have created a flowable with the same optical properties.  Here is what the company has to say about Omnichroma Flow:

Many clinicians like you have experienced and appreciate the benefits of saving time and money with the world’s first one-shade universal composite OMNICHROMA. Now, the same benefits are made available in a flowable consistency to address more restorative needs.


Utilizing Smart Chromatic Technology and uniformly sized supra-nano spherical fillers, OMNICHROMA FLOW is the world’s first one-shade flowable composite to esthetically match every color of tooth from A1 to D4 with a single shade of composite. Its high strength and wear resistance make it suitable for a wide range of indications beyond cavity lining and minor restorations, giving you the freedom of choice for nearly all direct restorations.

The benefits of a one-shade composite you love, now in the versatile handling you need!

Outstanding Features

  • Unprecedented shade matching
  • High polish ability
  • High stain resistance
  • Flexural and compressive strength suitable for wide range of indications
  • Low wear and abrasion
  • Low polymerization shrinkage


  • All cases of direct anterior and posterior restorations
  • Cavity base or liner
  • Repair of porcelain/composite

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