Monday, December 7, 2020

Testing for the Sake of Testing...


I take all of my jobs very seriously, including the part when it comes to testing and evaluating products.  Sometimes a product will simply catch my eye and, even though I don't necessarily need  that product, I'll purchase it for the simple reason that I think others in the profession may need it and I should evaluate just to help those people.  When it comes to testing and evaluating... sometimes I simply cannot help myself.

That's the story behind the company Dental Accessories.  On Thursday December 3rd, when I logged into Facebook, I noticed an ad for this company.  The ad offered an adjustable flip-up design with multiple levels of magnification for less than $100 U.S.  That's an amazing price.  Most magnification companies sell their telescopes for well over $1K U.S.  

I figured that such a price would be for something of less than stellar quality, but I also noticed there were a fair number of comments linked to the ad and almost all of them were from people who had placed an order.

At that point I decided it was my duty to check these out in order to do some testing and then let my peers know if they truly were quality.  I ordered a set in my preferred color... black.

I received a notice on Saturday December 5th informing me that my order had shipped.  Less than 48 hours after receiving the order, it was on its way.  One thing I had noticed in the Facebook comments was that several people were asking about the status of their orders which had been placed about 14 days earlier.  So with the aspect of a 48 hour processing time, I was... so far... content.  The order confirmation email also came with a tracking number.

Clicking the tracking number brought up the following information:

So... this is a product being manufactured in China and even though I paid for "Express Shipping" I am still going to be waiting until around Christmas before I can begin my evaluation.  Now, in fairness to the company, the Express Shipping option was on $4.95 so it's not like I feel that I've been taken advantage of.  My only other choice had been "Free Shipping" and since I'm testing, I figured I might as well test the Express Shipping option as well.

If the shipping situation changes... as soon as I get the package, I'll make a post here.  Also, the good thing about a product like this one is that if shouldn't take me too terribly long to evaluate the quality.  That, of course, means a post about these telescopes should be coming fairly soon after I get my hands on them.

I also have placed a second order.  On Saturday when I received my shipping confirmation I thought I'd go to the website of the company and look around a bit.  I ended up also ordering a 5 watt LED light that attaches to the scope and a silver hard sided carrying case for them as well.  I paid for the Express Shipping on these just to evaluate it for a second time.

In the meantime, I'm interested to learn anything I can about the company and the products.  If you have purchased or had any experience with Dental Accessories, please post in the comments below.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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