Thursday, December 10, 2020

SprintRay Dashboard 2.0 is Impressive!


3D printing is really nothing short of amazing.  The really incredible part, from my point of view, is that in such a short amount of time this technology has gone from being something that seemed like science fiction, to being practically an everyday thing.

However, even though the concept and 3D printing has gone mainstream, there are still things that are an impediment to its adoption in the dental field.  One of the biggest of those impediments is simply finding the time to learn how to create and design things that can be printed.  In the world of clinical dentistry, days are often fast paced with doctors multitasking between patients they are treating, emergencies, and hygiene exams.  So one big question is "when do I have time to figure out 3D printing?"

Well, thanks to the smart people at SprintRay, a lot of that work is now being done for you.  SprintRay is rolling out Dashboard 2.0 and as the title of this post states... it's impressive!  Utilizing this product, digital smile and occlusal guard design is a fully-integrated experience... all you really have to do is click a button.  Seriously.

The system is compatible with any of the intraoral scanners on the market.  The process is basically this:
  • Fill out the treatment that you require
  • Upload your patient data from your scanner system
  • Choose your print settings
    • Tell the Dashboard what printer you are using and what type of resin you'll be using the print
  • Tell the Dashboard when you need the case
  • Communicate with design experts
    • Once the case is uploaded, smart people who know how to design your case take over.  They will design what you need for you... while you go about your day normally.  You review the case when they are done and can ask for any changes that are needed.  When you are happy with the design, you approve the case.
  • 3D Print the designed case
    • Once you've approved the design, it is sent to your printer from the cloud.  It will go into the Print Queue and all you have to do is press "Print" to get the project started.
It's that simple.  There is no need to worry about having to learn new software or take more time out of your day to design cases.  Let experts do what they do best, while you, the doctor, do what you do best.  The is a truly genius idea.

If you would like to learn more, head on over the SprintRay to explore.  

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