Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Monet Handheld Curing Laser Testing Will be Coming Soon...


Earlier this month, the smart people at AMD Lasers announced they had begun taking orders for the new Monet Handheld Curing Laser.  I have a hunch that this device is the most powerful curing device ever created for dentistry.

In the early days of light cured resins, a small number of lasers appeared on the market that could set composite resins.  However, the devices were very expensive and very large.  The devices were about the size of a box containing a pair of Air Jordan shoes... which meant they were NOT portable... even within an office.  They also had a massive amount of electronics that created a fair amount of heat (not from the laser beam, but from the electronics that created the beam).  Because the device had so much heat generating  circuitry they also required powerful and noisy cooling fans.  It was quite a tradeoff for a 10 second cure.

The Monet has changed all of that.  As you can see in the photo above, the Monet is the size we've come to expect of a curing light.  I'm mightily impressed by the fact that what used to take a large shoebox sized unit has been shrunk down to the size of an electric toothbrush.  I'm not sure how AMD has managed to create this device, but it's an impressive design.

I have been experimenting and tinkering with the Monet for several months.  The energy output is amazing and the intensity of the beam is second to none.

I always try and take some time off over the holidays to rest and recharge, and this year while I'm doing that I'm also going to be working on some videos and photos of the Monet and just what it can accomplish.  There has never been curing light that has this kind of intensity and I think I've got some fun ways to demonstrate how powerful it is.

I'll most likely make at least one post about my demos here, but you'll also be able to find them over on my YouTube Channel as well...

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