Monday, December 14, 2020

Another Covid-19 Related Scam


As I've mentioned here many times in the past, one of the things that cyber criminals use to great effect is Social Engineering.  Basically, if you can get someone to do something for you, that makes your job that much easier.  And crooks are good at it.

Utilizing tricks such as emails that have an attachment that, when opened, lets the criminal gain control, to calling someone and convincing them to give up their username and password, hackers use social engineering to gain control.

It's sad, but it's true that you have to stop and consider the effect you can have by dealing with things from both known and unknown individuals.  The unknown part is a *bit* easier to guard against simply because if you don't know someone, it's easier to treat them with suspicion.  Yet, hackers often try to send phishing emails that appear to be from people you know, which entices you to click on attachments more readily.

Today's post though, is of an email scam with a different bit of a slant.  The Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of confusion with financial scams that appear to be from people offering financial help.  These are probably a bit easier to slip by people because of financial stresses and also due to the myriad of stories in mainstream media about government financial help.

I wanted to share with you an email that I've received.  It appears to be a sort of weird twist on the "Nigerian Prince" email scam.  However, when you can send millions of these out, it's unfortunately true that most likely a few trusting people will respond.  The moral to this story is always keep your guard up.

Here is what showed up in my Inbox on Saturday night...

Due to the various looses caused by this Covid19 - Corona virus. 

World Bank organization has compensate you with sum of $2.200,000 


Please accept this little offer and as well our apologies and 



Kindly confirm your availability to receive your compensation.

This is the information you will forward to claim your 


1. Full name

2. House address

3. Telephone number

4. Age & occupation

Contact Payment Officer;

Name Mr. Thomas Clark

E-mail :

Forward it to the paying centre as directed above.

Thank you

Mr Phillip Kelly

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