Monday, November 16, 2020

Join Dr. Jason Streeter and Myself Wednesday Evening for a Discussion on Moving Your Practice to the Cloud!!!

On Wednesday evening, please join Dr. Jason Streeter and myself for a webinar discussing the advantages of practice management in the Cloud.  We will be spending an hour talking about why the Cloud is a now proposition.
Jason is a younger general dentist how purchased a practice that was running an old school server/client office and became tired of the expense and limitations that the old technology p provided.  He decided to explore other options to see if there wasn’t something better out there and decided to convert his office to Curve Hero.
Rather than a true lecture format, Jason and I are going to be using slides but also conversation to help you understand the thought processes he went through and the things he weighed as he considered his options.  You will walk away from this webinar with a much improved understanding of the limitations of client/server computer systems and why moving to the Cloud is a decision that makes sense in today’s high tech environment.  
Our world is constantly changing and in order to ensure the long term success of your practice, the practice owner needs to not only be an outstanding clinician but also a person with the right understanding of the current business environment.  That understanding includes a grasp of the current technological landscape.  You’ll understand why the Cloud is a better solution to make your practice more nimble and more efficient
You can sign up for this exciting event with this link.  We hope to see a lot of you there!!!


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