Monday, October 19, 2020

350 Million Customer Records and Voicemails Exposed in Databas


Data, data, and more data.  It seems that no matter what form it takes, businesses are keeping more and more info about us.  That's not always a bad thing... as long as it is secure.  However VOIP provider Broadvoice was keeping digital records of customers as well as customer voicemails and storing them online without any security at all... not even a password was needed to access the data.

This mistake, exposed 350 million customers to potential fraud and identity theft.  Why the company felt the need to store all of these voicemails is beyond me, but in a bit of defense of Broadvoice, the information was from a company that they had acquired a few years ago.  That means they may not have even been aware of the potential for a breach, but legally they are still responsible.

According to Comparitech, one of their security specialists found the database on October 1 and by October 4 it had been locked down and secured.  Kudos to Broadvoice for moving so quickly, but no one has any idea if anyone else managed to find the info prior to the October 1 discovery and notification.

Some of the records involved were for healthcare and included PHI while others were from financial institutions.

For the full story, follow this link...  

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