Monday, September 21, 2020

Work Begins on CMS Product Review


A unique way to battle periodontal disease was presented to me recently and I've decided to do some clinical evaluation of it.  CMS Dental is European company that makes products for endodontics, perio, and curing lights.  They also sell probiotics.

The technique that I'm going to do an evaluation on is called Light Activated Disinfection (LAD).

The process encompasses the following:

  • Thorough scaling and root planing
  • Applying a product called QroxB2 gel into the pocket
  • Use a specially designed light to activate the gel
  • ProlacSan probiotics

The idea is to help change the microflora both in the pocket and in the mouth.  The QroxB2 gel being activated by the light kills the bacteria in the periodontal pocket.  The next step is "big picture" by using probiotic lozenges to change the type of bacteria found in the mouth.  The idea is that if the "bad" bugs are removed, good bugs will proliferate.  This means that recurring incidence of periodontal problems should decrease because the bacteria that cause problems are present in much smaller numbers than before.

The probiotic is designed to increase competition between bacterial strains in the oral cavity.  The probiotic feeds the "good bacteria" which are in competition with the "bad bacteria"  By allowing the growth of "good" we should see a decrease of "bad".

I'm interested to see how this treatment works in clinical practice.  Since it is a perio product, it may take me a few months to be able to evaluate how successful this is.  However, I'm optimistic about the product.  I'll keep you informed.

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