Thursday, September 17, 2020

MEDITECH Launches Expanse Virtual Assistant through Strategic Conversational AI Collaboration with Nuance


It's starting to look like the promise of the past is starting to take shape in the now.  In the very early 2000s many of us who were pushing for tech expansion into the healthcare sector were dreaming dreams of efficiency brought on by powerful graphic user interfaces combined with powerful processors.  For those of you who have been around for a while, you probably remember the tech trade show Comdex that was help every fall in Las Vegas (it's now been supplanted by CES).  One year, during its peak time, Comdex was displaying several voice dictation systems that a lot of us were hoping would make the keyboard a bit of a "not so needed" accessory in the near future.

Unfortunately that plan didn't work out like I had hoped it would.  For many reasons, voice dictation didn't take off the way I had hoped.  Then around the time of the iPhone 4 we began to hear more about Siri and then voice just "exploded" onto the scene.  Now we are using it for all kinds of things.

Now comes word of a leap forward in EHR use which sounds pretty exciting.  The only concern that i would have on this is HIPAA security.  The user would need to make sure they cannot be overheard.  Here is the info:

BURLINGTON, Mass. & WESTWOOD, Mass.--()--MEDITECH and Nuance Communications Inc. (Nuance®) are re-imagining the way physicians interact with their Expanse EHR by introducing intuitive voice-driven navigation. Built upon the leading Nuance Dragon® Medical solution already used by more than 550,000 physicians, the companies have partnered to launch the MEDITECH Expanse Virtual Assistant. Nuance’s deeply embedded virtual assistant technology and sophisticated conversational AI dialogue and skills will enable physicians to navigate their EHR hands-free and transform the way they practice and provide care. By simplifying routine tasks, physicians can save steps and time, freeing them up to focus on direct patient care.

“MEDITECH continues to drive the industry forward by providing solutions that improve efficiency and reshape the patient experience,” said MEDITECH Executive Vice President Helen Waters. “In partnership with Nuance, Virtual Assistant technology represents another leap forward in usability and efficiency, ushering in a new era of digital transformation. Physicians can simply ask for what they need from their Expanse EHR and get it.”

Using simple voice commands, physicians can leverage Expanse Virtual Assistant to navigate and search patient charts for key areas of information including lab results, medications, allergies, radiology images, and more. Users can simply ask ‘Ok, MEDITECH, when was the last EKG?’ It is a powerful tool that allows physicians to directly engage with their patients and quickly access and review key EHR data and images together.

The COVID-19 pandemic has furthered the demand for touchless technology as healthcare providers are asked to limit the physical touching of objects such as keyboards, phones, and screens. But this benefit extends well beyond the current pandemic. For example, in surgical settings, physicians can use the Expanse Virtual Assistant to access information without having to leave the sterile field in the operating room.

“Conversational AI is essential for eliminating the barriers to positive physician-patient interactions, reducing administrative burdens on clinicians and empowering providers to keep patients and successful healthcare outcomes their priority,” said Peter Durlach, Senior Vice President of Strategy and New Business Development, Nuance Healthcare. “We are very excited to expand our decades long strategic partnership with MEDITECH and deliver this cutting-edge technology to Expanse. Our shared goal is to improve efficiency and increase clinician satisfaction for those who take care of all of us, and enhance the overall provider-patient experience.”

To learn more about the MEDITECH Expanse Virtual Assistant, click here.


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