Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Henry Schein Offers Free IT Network Assessment

As regular readers know, I am a huge advocate of data security.  I've lost count of the number of times I've posted the "Biohazard" image that associate with my posts on all things security.

Hackers and the criminal computer groups out there have reached new levels of activity and no one is immune.  These folks are smart, driven, and relentless.  Simply resting on your laurels and figuring that "It won't happen to me" is simply an invitation to suffer data theft, ransomware, or worse.  As I've said here many times, you need to be prepared.

To that end, the folks at Henry Schein are offering Free Network Assessments to help you be more secure.

Here is the info complete with a link to request the assessment:

A malware attack could be devastating to your practice. Are you prepared?

Did you know that over 31 million patient records were breached from healthcare organizations in the first half of 2019? When it comes to cyberattacks, healthcare remains a favorite target of hackers.


As a dentist, you need to be careful with your protected health information (PHI), because a malware attack, and ransomware in particular, could be financially devastating to your practice (not to mention the permanent damage it can do to your practice’s reputation).  You need to ensure that you have the network technology and support necessary to protect your practice.


To meet this need, TechCentral by Henry Schein One created OmniCore, a comprehensive network security solution for the dental market.

OmniCore is an all-in-one dental network in a box that gives dentists multilayered protection for their data. It includes a virtualized server, business-grade firewall and wireless access point, anti-virus software, data backup both locally and in the cloud, and the remote monitoring and management you need to help prevent the loss of patient data.


Sophisticated attacks require sophisticated network security solutions. Request a complimentary IT network assessment today to gain a better understanding of your current IT setup and to learn more about how solutions like OmniCore protect your practice and your data.

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  1. They are looking for an excuse to sell you their new OmniCore system. It's expensive, difficult to work with, and last month one of their employees told me point-blank "No, you don't own your Dentrix data. We do. You can't have it."

    We told them we'd be happy to get the lawyers involved because they'd be on the hook for all records requests covered under HIPAA for the next 8 years (in my state) since "they owned the data".

    They backpedaled, but I had already managed to compromise their OmniCore system and pulled the data out.

    I'm not going to plug my company, but we deal with this garbage daily. Our systems are open source, lower cost, more flexible, and you don't have to wait on hold for 45 minutes to get help. Schein is terrible.