Wednesday, August 19, 2020

World Health Organization Clarifies - And Walks Back- Statement Regarding Postponing Routine Dental Care


After creating a media storm and a massive cloud of confusion last week, The World Health Organization has now offering increased clarification on their statement of postponing routine dental care during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many U.S. dental offices have been fielding calls from confused patients who were getting mixed signals from WHO and the American Dental Association .  The ADA made immediate statements that disagreed with WHO and encouraged patients to keep appointments.  Here in the heartland of America we've had a few calls, but no has yet changed an appointment due to the statement.

WHO made headlines when media outlets picked up the point that routine dental care should be delayed.  The whirlwind of opinion ensure and now The Chief Dental Officer of WHO Benoit Varenne, PhD has released the following:

WHO Chief Dental Officer Benoit Varenne, Ph.D., also expressed concerns about media coverage of the interim guidance in an Aug. 13 email to global dental leaders. Dr. Varenne said, “Unfortunately, a number of media headlines intentionally or not – when they are referring to the WHO guidance, did not mention that the recommendation to delay routine oral health care is only suggested in an intense uncontrolled community transmission scenario. A scenario that [does] not fit with the current situation of [most countries] around the world.” Dr. Varenne added, “So please be aware of the missing information sometimes disseminated by the media that could increase fear and concern of patients seeking oral health care. I think we have all to play a part in sharing with the public, national dental associations and health authorities the full story provided in the guidance document.”


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