Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Nearly Half Of Adults Say They Or A Family Member Have Deferred Medical Care Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak


The Kaiser Family foundation has released some incredibly interesting statistics dealing with the pandemic and its affects on U.S. citizens.  I was especially interested in the section of the study that dealt with healthcare, the lack of appointments during the lockdown, and how that lack of healthcare affected individuals.  The healthcare section is reproduced below.  The full study can be accessed via a link at the end of this post...

The recent stay-at-home orders instituted by most states to help curb the spread of coronavirus impacted most industries, including the health care sector. Many hospitals and medical care providers closed for non-emergency services and many patients with non-emergency conditions postponed or cancelled appointments.The latest KFF Health Tracking Poll finds that nearly half of adults (48%) say they or someone in their household have postponed or skipped medical care due to the coronavirus outbreak, including a higher share of women than men (54% vs. 42%). Notably, 11% of adults overall say their or their family member’s condition got worse as a result of postponing or skipping medical care due to coronavirus.

Figure 1: About Half Of The Public Says They Have Skipped Or Postponed Medical Care Because Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

Among those who say they or a family member have postponed or delayed medical care because of coronavirus, almost all say they will eventually get the care that has been postponed, including 68% (32% of adults overall) who expect to get the care within the next 3 months.

Figure 2: About A Third Say They Skipped Or Postponed Medical Care Due To The Coronavirus But Will Get Needed Care In Next Few Months

Despite nearly half of adults saying that they or a member of their household has deferred medical care due to coronavirus, most adults (86%) and at least eight in ten across age groups, say their physical health has “stayed about the same” since the outbreak began. Few adults say their physical health has gotten better (6%) and a similar share say their physical health has gotten worse (8%) since the coronavirus outbreak began in the U.S.

For the full report, follow this link.  

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