Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Clinical Evaluation of TerraGene MiniBio Sterilization Monitoring System Completed


During the month of August I've been evaluating the little unit above, and I've completed my clinical testing.

The MiniBio from TerraGene is a tabletop sterilization monitoring system.  It allows any office to test their autoclaves and ensure that they are working properly.  

The company sells small vials of spores that are used in the testing.  The spores are placed in the autoclave and run through a normal load and cycle.  Once the cycle is completed, the vial is allowed to cool for 10 minutes.The vials contain spores and a growth medium kept in separate chambers within the vial.  Once it is run through a cycle, the vial is "cracked" similar to a glow stick and the vial is shaken by hand.

The vial containing the mixed contents is then placed in the MiniBio.  The MiniBio then gently warms the vial to 60 degrees C which will cause spore growth... if any survived the sterilization process.  The vials being tested are constantly monitored and an alarm goes off if growth is detected.  There is also a small printer in the device that prints the results as well as a USB connection that puts all of the data into a proprietary tracking software that allows the office to keep meticulous records.

To be sure that the vials work, a separate vial is used that is NOT run through a sterilization cycle.  This guarantees that growth will occur in this "control" vial which increases the validity of the test.

The MiniBio runs a full test in just 20 minutes... yes, you read that correctly.  20 minutes.  For years I relied on an outside service which took a much longer time than that to validate my autoclaves.

The device costs around $600 and the test vials are about $4 each.  There is NO WAY I would go back to using an outside service.  This device is *highly recommended and is a home run product*!!!

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