Monday, August 31, 2020

Cellerant Consulting Prepares for the Best of Class Awards Presentation


Coming on September 1st, you'll be able to watch the Cellerant Best of Class Awards Presentation over the Internet.  It will consist of about an hour of the voting panel discussing the process behind the voting, moderated by Dental Product Report's own Editorial Director: Noah Levine.

The Cellerant Best of Class Awards are now in the 12th year... and I am honored to have been involved since day one.

The Best of Class Awards and voting are the brainchild of Cellerant's CEO and "Fearless Leader", Dr. Lou Shuman.

Dr. Lou Shuman - Cellerant Consulting Group, CEO

About 13 years ago, Dr. Shuman envisioned an award system that was based on merit and was truly tied to products that were considered "Best of Class".  Dr. Shuman had noticed that technology was playing a larger and larger role in dentistry and that it was becoming more and more difficult for doctors to be able to make solid, informed decisions that were the best decisions for their practices.

As one of the recognized experts in the field of "Technology in Dentistry", he decided to make it his mission to provide doctors in the trenches with a reliable way to find the best technology for their practices.  His decision was to put together a panel of fellow like-minded doctors who were also technology experts, and have them explore and evaluate the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.  They then sit down as a group once a year and discuss their findings to determine who is "Best of Class".

The panel consists of:

  • Lou Shuman, DMD
  • Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD
  • Chris Salierno, DDS
  • Paul Feuerstein, DMD
  • Marty Jablow, DMD
  • John Flucke, DDS

All of the panel members are considered experts in technology by the industry.  They spend a great deal of time researching and talking to companies in dentistry to discover the latest innovations getting ready to surface in the industry.

Utilizing a bit of "hive" mentality, Dr. Shuman heads the team and coordinates from his position as Cellerant Consulting CEO to send forth the "worker bees" to explore the industry.  Each panel member has specific assets that help them evaluate and understand the technologies they research.

The voting is unbiased and sometimes heated, but the friendships forged by the voting panel can withstand those discussions and often emerge even stronger.  

I think you'll enjoy the stories and explanations of the voting process as well as learning about the winners themselves.  Be sure to make time to be there.  This link will give you all the info you need!  

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