Monday, July 27, 2020

Technology Titan Garmin Knocked Offline by Ransomware




Despite the best efforts of security teams… even in hugely successful tech companies, disaster can strike.  The headquarters of Garmin is in the greater Kansas City area, so this story strikes near and dear to my heart.  


Near the end of last week (July 23), the company was hit with a massive service interruption that took almost all of their IT systems offline.  At first Garmin blamed the outage on systems maintenance.  I suppose that’s not necessarily an untruth since, if you are trying to recover from malware, it IS system maintenance.  Then word began to leak that the outage was caused by the WastedLocker ransomware.


This particular brand of Ransomware has been attributed by several security companies as coming from Evil Corp.  They are also rumored to be the group behind creating and distributing Bit Paymer and Dridex.  The name “Evil Corp” seems to be an homage to the huge conglomerate in the show Mr. Robot.  However, *this* Evil Corp is the real deal as detailed in this post from one of my favorite security sites “Krebs on Security”.  


It seems that the criminals at Evil Corp  are asking for $10 million to decrypt the Garmin files.  This has caused serious problems for Garmin as rumor has it that the company has closed assembly lines in Taiwan and that servers have been shut down across the globe in an attempt to stem the tide of the infection.


A simple Google search on “Garmin Ransomware” will bring up a huge list of sites. Of course it does’t take very long when crippling a company before paying $10 million is the lesser of 2 evils (pardon the pun).


This is just one more lesson in cyber security for all of us!


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