Monday, July 6, 2020

Nationwide Survey of Over 275 Consumers Reveals Seeing their Dentist after COVID-19 Lockdown is More Important than Getting a Haircut




Back in the middle ages, it used to be that there were “barber surgeons”.  These craftsmen were the ones who provided all medical care, both dentistry and general medicine and surgery, and barbers grooming services.  At some point physicians and surgeons split off to form their own profession and dentistry followed not long thereafter.  That little piece of trivia is sort of an ironic point when compared to today’s post.


At the end of last week, I received the results of an interesting survey from Lanmark360.  The folks at Lanmark360 have been around the dental space for quite a while and they know a lot about the industry and basically what makes it tick.  I read the information with a high level of interest.  Lanmark360 is a company that I listen to for reliable information that you may not be able to get anywhere else.  I found what they had to say “interesting” to say the least.


While many individuals still approach dental treatment with a certain degree of apprehension, I feel that the profession has done a remarkable job in the last two decades of emerging from being a profession thought of as a “necessary evil” by many to being an essential piece of many people’s overall plan for improved general health.  The information from Lanmark360 bears that out...


The survey results also identify key drivers and barriers that impact their decisions
to resume dental care visits


Lanmark360, a full-service healthcare agency with deep experience in the dental space announces the immediate availability of key consumer insights regarding their desire to see their dentists for a checkup as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in their state or local municipality.

As indicated by the survey results, consumer sentiment, perceptions and attitudes are quite positive with respect to their willingness to rapidly return to dental practices. When asked, “Is being able to return to the dentist more or less important than other things?”, respondents ranked seeing their dentist as more important than getting their hair cut, pet grooming and going to restaurants.

“We found that over half of the respondents fell behind on their dental care due to canceled appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic,” states Howard Klein, Lanmark360 President. “However, 10% intend to see their dentists immediately once their dentist’s office has reopened, and a full 50% intend to return to their dentist for a routine cleaning within three months.”
The majority of respondents surveyed also indicate a preference for single-visit dentistry, and more than 50% believe practice safety protocols are extremely important.

Many other important insights are highlighted in the full survey results report, including crucial information that dentists can leverage to help ensure patients feel safe upon their return to the dental office, as well as how patients prefer to be contacted by their dentist’s office once they reopen and what information they expect to receive.
To download the full report, visit

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