Monday, July 13, 2020

Aegis PPE VacStation is Now Under Clinical Evaluation

The onset of Covid-19 has placed dentistry directly on the frontlines of the battle against the disease.  The virus travels through aerosols and with dental professionals working around 18 inches from the patient's oral cavity, keeping everyone safe is a high priority.

To that end, there have been a lot of products enter the market that are designed to help remove aerosols from the air.

One of those is the Aegis VacStation.  We just received one recently and will be putting it through the paces in a clinical environment.  I'll be reporting back shortly on my impressions.

From the company website:

This multi-filtration unit removes aerosols and up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens (down to 0.3µm size), decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases. Features a flexible tube that is easy to maneuver and promotes less noise than alternative units that use sharp bends which hinders airflow.

Reduces the level of Influenza A strain H1N1**

This product meets U.S. HEPA filtration requirements

Unit is ideal for standard room air purification.


  • Removes airborne particulates and pathogens

     Provides up to 99.97% filtration at a 0.3µm particle size
     Three-stage filtration system

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