Thursday, June 11, 2020

WatchOS 6.2.6 Battery Drain - Fix!


After my earlier post of problems with severe battery drain on my Apple Watch after upgrading to WatchOS 6.2.6, I wanted to share the info with you on what fixed my problem.

As Apple Watch owners probably know, the watch uses Bluetooth to communicate with its paired iPhone.  Some of you may be using your watch in the mode where it connects to the cellular network, but most users seem to go through the phone.

Now, for some reason which has yet to be determined, the watch is burning through battery through its wireless connection to the phone and perhaps a WiFi network you have it connected to.  The radio chip in devices can, if not configured correctly by the software, expend tremendous amounts of energy maintaining its connection.  This is exactly what appears to be the problem with the current WatchOS.

The remedy which I tried and seems to work is to:
  1. Put Watch in airplane mode (swipe up on the main screen & select the airplane icon)
  2. Push the crown of the watch from the main screen and tap on the ‘Settings’ icon
  3. Disable Bluetooth (even though the phone is in Airplane mode, for some reason, Bluetooth stays on)
  4. Take Watch *out* of Airplane mode (swipe up on the main screen & deselect the airplane icon)
  5. Restart Watch (hold the button down below the crown)

Those 5 steps AND charging the watch back to 100% seems to have fixed the battery drain problem.  Prior to this, MyWatch was burning through what seemed like about 20% of the battery per hour.  Since performing the steps above, all is well.  If you are having similar problems give it a try!

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