Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Fraudulent Face Mask Flyers and Cards are NOT Sanctioned or Legitimate




In case you haven’t been following the latest pandemic info, we are starting to see a rebound in infections of Covid-19.  


This shouldn’t be a surprise.  As people in the U.S. begin to get out and about again, some individuals are bound to somehow come in contact with the virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes Covid-19.  The idea of the initial lockdown was to help prevent the U.S. healthcare system from being overwhelmed and also to help decrease the contact between individuals that started the contagious cascade in the first place.


Now that the country is opening back up, a spike in cases is not something that isn’t unexpected.  However, there is also hope that over the past 3 months individuals have become more conscious and concerned of infection control practices such as using masks and frequent 20 second hand washing.  Yet for some reason, some have twisted this infection control into a political issue.  It seems that wearing masks is seen by some as an infringement on their rights as citizens.


While I’m not going to get into the politics of this issue here, suffice it to say that some have gone so far as to attempt to avoid wearing masks through fraudulent flyers and cards that appear to be created by the federal government.  These are completely fraudulent and can be purchased online in boxes of 500 for $49.99 which is about the cost of 500 business cards.


If you are confronted with someone presenting one of these cards, know that they are not real and that you cannot be prosecuted for requiring face masks in your business.


The United States Department of Justice has a website dealing with this.


There is also a great article about this available to read on the New York Times website.  

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