Thursday, June 4, 2020

Dental Recycling North America Seeks to Reduce Costs for Dental Offices


Working from the angle of “We are all in this together”, DRNA is helping to save dental offices money which, for many offices, is a critical factor in the current climate. 

As offices return to work after over 60 days of shut down, many are facing incredible drains on their financial resources.  That, is coupled with the still federally mandated amalgam separator rule which goes into effect in July.  To help with that, DRNA is working to cut the expense involved with installing and utilizing an amalgam separator.

The company is offering a FREE amalgam separator with a signed service agreement to over 73,000 dentists.  That offer is saving each of those offices around $850.

The other money saver is the cartridge separator.  This ‘filter’ is a recurring expense for offices.  Every year, a new filter cartridge needs to be installed.  The DRNA cartridge is less than brand name versions and works just as well.  Their Generic Amalgam Separator Cartridge 1 is compatible with the Solmetex H95 unit and saves the doctor 30% ($250 pick up and recycling included) while their Generic Amalgam Separator Cartridge 2 is compatible with the Solmetex NXT and saves the office 40% ($250 pick up and recycling included).

I’ve been using a DRNA system for about 7 years now and the best thing I can say is that it works seamlessly.  Once a year a replacement cartridge is sent to my office which is installed by my Goetze service tech and then sent back to DRNA.  I don’t even have to think about it.

If you’re interested call 800-360-1001 extension 2 or send an email to

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