Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Beware of WatchOS 6.2.6 Battery Drain

A short post today, but an important one for those of you with Apple Watches.  

Even though I’m pretty much diehard geek, I held off on getting an Apple Watch until Version 4 came out.  Being a gadget lover, I have always had a thing for watches and I didn’t like the idea of limiting myself to just one watch for all occasions.

However, my opinion changed as more and more of my friends bought them and I began to see all the advantages of practically having an iPhone on your wrist.  I bought mine last June and after a year, I’m thoroughly hooked.  I use the watch constantly... even in my office to set reminders, timers, you name it.

Also being a bit of a security geek, whenever a company issues a new OS update nowadays, they almost always contain security upgrades.  That means you have less chance of security issues if you keep your devices up to date.

So when WatchOS 6.2.6 became available, I downloaded it right away.  I used to wait to see if there were bugs that needed to be squashed, but now I feel that the security outweighs the potential for bug problems.

Until now, that is.  The 6.2.6 update has caused problems for myself and a fair number of other Watch owners due to a rapidly draining battery.  Add to that the fact that it also seems to take forever to charge it back to 100% and this becomes a major flaw that needs pretty quick fixing.

There are multiple reports from users of batteries getting critically low in just a few hours as opposed to many users that could frequently go 2 days between charges.

I’m currently researching and working on trying to find a fix, but until that happens I cannot advise readers to upgrade.  The idea of the watch is to make you more productive.  Many of us use the watch for all kinds of things throughout our days and have become dependent on it.  Until the battery issue is rectified, the more you use the watch (and even if you don’t) your battery goes downhill quickly.

Be warned.  Do not upgrade at this point in time!

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  1. It seems like the battery drains, but what my husband and I discovered is that the health data doesn’t sync reliably with iPhone now. The watch keeps trying, but not always successfully. My watch hasn’t synced for a week. My husband’s hasn’t for 9 days. Apple has no answer yet.