Monday, May 25, 2020

Pelton & Crane to End Operations after Over a Century of Sales & Service


When I set up my first office location, my dream was to have Pelton & Crane equipment.  For years P&C was the creme de la creme of dental equipment.  Everyone who knew the dental industry knew that if you wanted the Ferrari or Lamborghini of dentistry, you worked with Pelton & Crane.  Their equipment was state of the art (as much as it could be back then) and built like a proverbial tank.  Their products were amazing and they just didn’t break down.  When I moved out of my original location, I was forced (long story) to leave behind a Pelton & Crane “Chairman” dental chair and I was less than happy about that.

Around 2005 I remember rumors at the Chicago MidWinter meeting that P&C was going to be purchased by Danaher and rolled into their dental division.  I remember at the time being impressed with the acquisition.  Danaher had made a splash with their move into dentistry and purchasing Pelton & Crane showed that not only did they have money to spend but that they were interested in making sure the industry understood their devotion to quality.  Purchasing a company with a reputation like P&C ensured that the industry understood.

Unfortunately, change isn’t always guaranteed to be a good thing.  Sometimes changes bring with it unfortunate circumstances… this is one of those times.  After over 100 years of dental excellence, Pelton & Crane will be closing for new business.

I suppose the “good news” if there can be any out of this circumstance, is that because of the backing of having Kavo-Kerr Group behind you, the company will continue to provide customer support for the duration of customer warranties.  So often businesses close and leave their existing customer base high and dry.  It looks at this point that P&C customers will not have to deal with that.

It’s still a tough loss for the industry though.  Pelton & Crane was one of the industry’s shining stars, as a guy that gets to walk on both sides of the looking glass in dentistry, it’s sad to see them go.

Here is the announcement they sent out to the industry:

Closing for Business, Here for Support

For over 100 years, Pelton & Crane has been a partner and dedicated resource committed to our customer’s dental journey and ongoing success. Because we’re not an equipment company—we’re a people company. And for the next century to come, Pelton remains focused on helping to support our customers.

Our more than a century of dedication and innovation started in 1900 but it is with a heavy heart we announce that we will no longer be taking any orders as of May 22, 2020.

Along with this announcement, sales of all Pelton & Crane dental operatory equipment will be discontinued in the US, Canada, and all international markets and for all customer segments.

This includes Pelton & Crane's Spirit Dental Chairs, Spirit or Alliance Delivery Units, Helios Dental Lights and Pelton & Crane Cabinetry.

We will continue to service our current Pelton & Crane customers by honoring our 5-year warranty period and maintain inventory of Pelton & Crane service parts where possible for up to 7 years. Warranty service questions and concerns may still be directed to

Over the coming weeks we will transition our website to a support and resource center for existing Pelton & Crane customers. Here you will find information on service, use & care and installation support for Pelton & Crane equipment.

Thank you for being a valued Pelton & Crane customer and we appreciate you support throughout the years. 

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