Thursday, May 14, 2020

CAO Group Announces PPE Product Line Aegis PPE product line available now for Dental Offices


The day that seemed like it would never get here has finally arrived.  Most dental offices will re-open on May 18th… at least here in the Midwest.  I know that Utah has been back to work for at least a couple of weeks while other states, like New Jersey, are still under quarantine guidelines.

However, whether you are ready to open or at starting to gear up, things in the dental industry have changed… drastically.  Offices across the country and now working hard to find the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep staff and patients safe from the continued threat of Covid-19.

This is a strange time in the profession.  As the supply chain struggles with shortages and counterfeits of trusted products, suddenly every office is ordering the same product as every other office and the supply chain is groaning under the stress.  Dentists need *reliable* PPE and it seems that even things like face shields are shoddily made and in short supply.  Wouldn’t it be great if a *trusted* name in dentistry could help with the supply problem?

Well help is here.  CAO Group, a company that has been making dental products for years has now announced the Aegis PPE line.  This is a new venture for CAO Group, but one I commend them for.  They’ve made a lot of great dental products over the years and when they saw the problems with PPE that dentists were battling, they were quick to jump in and help.  Here is the info on this new company:

The CAO Group, Inc. (CAO) announces both the launch and availability of their AegisTM brand Personal
Protective Equipment (PPE) product line to help dental practices come back to operation under COVID-19
pandemic conditions.

The Aegis PPE line consists of, but not limited to, the following items: Aerosol VacStation, Infrared
Thermometer, Coverall Suits, Protective KN95 Masks, Surgical Masks, Protective Goggles, and Face Shields.
Each product has unique features to protect staff in dental practices. Aegis VaStation features a three stage6
filtration and UV light with a flow rate of three cubic meter per minutes and low noise. The three-stage
filtration includes a moisture filter, a HEPA H13 filter for particles as small as 2.5um, an active carbon filter for
solvent and active particles. The UV light is 275nm wavelength of light intensity. Aegis infrared thermometer
are FDA cleared class II medical device and measure body temperature with no contact less than 1 sec. Please
visit and for details of products.

“Protecting office staff shall be the number one priority for dental practices” said, Densen Cao, PhD, Founder
and CEO of CAO. “Protections in dental practices must be advanced to a new standard under COVID-19
pandemic. Our recommendations for additional procedures for protecting dental staff are as follows: 1. Check
patient temperature as part of check in; 2. Use coverall suit, goggles, KN95 or surgical masks, and face shield to
protect staff during the procedures; 3. Use aerosol vacuum station to suck away aerosol during the procedures;
4. Disinfect routinely between patients.”

Aegis PPE products are available on,, and certain dental distributors.

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