Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Want to Learn about Digital Caries Diagnosis?


In these crazy global pandemic times, a lot of folks in dentistry are spending the downtime taking online CE courses.  

In case you are one of those folks and are looking for info on Digital Caries Diagnosis, I’d like to suggest you check out a webinar I did for Weave recently on that very subject.

A couple of weeks ago I settled down in front of my computer and recorded about 45 minutes of information on how I am now examining and monitoring caries in my patients.

I cover a couple of the diagnostic types of devices available as well as some clinical examples of what both devices cover.  It's not an inclusive list, but I feel this will give you a nice overview of the subject that you can incorporate into your practice once we are cleared for elective treatment.

The good folks at Weave have been nice enough to provide quite a few online CE webinars that they are providing free of charge

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