Saturday, April 4, 2020

And the Pandemic Goes On...


This whole Covid-19 thing has put pretty much everything into a tizzy in my life (not sure what a “tizzy” actually is, but my grandma used the word a lot and I really like it).  Like most dental offices, we are only seeing emergencies until at least May 1 and probably longer thereafter, but at this point no one really knows...

I have several unique perspectives on this whole pandemic.  I’ve got the healthcare view and that means I’ve got to protect my fellow man while being as careful as possible not to spread this thing.  I’ve got the business owner view and that means I’m dealing with furloughed employees that I’m worried about.  I’m a doctor with a recurring schedule of patient care and that means I worry about my patients even if it has nothing to do with dentistry.  My patients are people I care for but also care *about* and I want them all to be safe and well

The other perspective I have is due to the fact that I live in Kansas and practice in Missouri.  The state of Kansas is on a governor ordered “shelter at home” while Missouri is not.  Because of that I am seeing the virus spread more rapidly just to the east of my home.  It also means that the virus is more prolific in the area where my business is located.  In the big picture will that make a difference?  At this point everything is a guess, however I do know that keeping away from others is the best way to prevent spread of the infection.

Yesterday I did a virtual presentation on Chartless Dentistry for the Western Regional Dental Experience.  I’ve done a fair number of webinars in my career, but never one that was 3 hours long.  I have to confess, that it’s tough to talk to your computer screen for that long when the only live person you can see is you in a small thumbnail on the screen.  However, the event came off really well.  There were *a lot* of people logged in and I got some good immediate feedback.  There were a couple of tech glitches, but they were overcome.  I think this very well might be the CE platform of the not too distant future.  We’ve all seen how popular Zoom has become and with the proliferation of broadband connections, this will only get better.

As a final note to this post, hats off to whoever created the hash tag #FlattenTheCurve!  It sums up exactly what we all need to do right now.  We are living in perhaps the most uncharted time in recent memory.  We’ll get through this, but it’s going to take some time.

I’ll continue to post at pace that is stranger than normal.  You may see one post a day like always, or you may see 3 a day.  In times like these, nothing is a sure thing.

Stay safe and be well! 

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