Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Shelter at Home... Day One


I’m posting this from my office where I’m still open on a limited basis for emergencies.  This is day one of the greater Kansas City area “Shelter at Home” directive.  As a healthcare provider I’m exempt from the restriction as dentistry is considered an “essential” business.

Traffic on the way to the office was light… as in really light.  It seems that most people are following the guidelines.

Amazingly for the office, we have seen more emergencies than normal.  However, with that being said, we will be going to a much more abbreviated schedule next week.  While we are seeing more emergencies than normal, that certainly does not mean we’re dealing with a full schedule.  It’s been interesting the last few days.  Yesterday I was contacted via Facebook Messenger from a nurse on the east coast who works in the ER.  She was having trouble finding dental offices that were open and she was seeing quite a few dental emergencies that were creating backlogs in the ER.

I would strongly urge offices that are completely shut down to consider at least a limited schedule to help those in need.

More news as things progress...

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