Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Academy of General Dentistry says Let's Work Together and Get Through This

Here is a letter I received yesterday via email.  I've known Dr. Connie White for over 30 years.  She is a dedicated professional with a heart of gold.  We couldn't ask for better person at the helm of the Academy right now.  Read on to see what Dr. White has to say...

Dear Member,

I know you are facing an unimaginable level of stress and anxiety because of COVID-19. Despite the uncertainty for the future, I am optimistic. AGD is here for you.

We continue to post information about the coronavirus to This week we will add a new section on the AGD website that will direct you to resources, tools and options to assist you, our AGD family members, during closures and once operations resume. In the meantime, I wanted to list some of the other ways we are working to assist you.

No-Cost Webinars and Online Learning: We know our members want CE that will help them manage their financial and staffing needs during this crisis, as well as provide guidance on how to plan for the future. Our Education team is currently developing several webinars that address these needs, and we plan to roll these out as soon as possible.

We are also waiving the fees for upcoming CE, including the tonight's webinar "The Science of Sleep and the Importance and Management of Oral Appliance Therapy." The March 31 webinar "Patients Judge Your Practice by Your Online Reputation" is a free course sponsored by Henry Schein One. 

The AGD Online Learning Center continues to provide a wealth of educational content, and we are working with the Dental Education Council to expand free offerings. We will provide updates as those details become available.

Financial Relief for General Dentists: AGD sent a letter to Congress strongly recommending that general dentists be compensated in the amount of $500 million to make up for lost patients. Further, the AGD Government Relations and Dental Practice teams are reviewing the economic stimulus package and other policies that are in place or being discussed that could help our members. We are distributing information to members on ways they can advocate for the profession by contacting federal legislators. (See how New Jersey AGD members are working locally.) We will continue to report on these details in the coming days and weeks. 

Other Support Options for You: We have already arranged with an AGD banking partner to offer reduced interest rate loans. The ability to check it out and apply online should be available in the coming days. 

Please contact our Membership Services team if we can be of assistance with dues payments. We will work with you to ensure you are able to continue benefiting from your AGD membership. 

We are also working directly with our Exclusive Benefit providers and corporate sponsors to help our AGD family during this time of need. 

Don't Isolate Yourself: We are being asked to distance ourselves socially, but this isn't a time to isolate from your colleagues and the profession. To help you connect with other general dentists about ways they are navigating this new territory, AGD has created online communities so that you can share information and connect with other members. We have created a new one devoted to allowing members to share specifically about their experiences and suggestions to others in the AGD family about COVAD-19. To sign up for these communities, please email

We fully expect our profession to rebound. I've heard remarkable stories about members helping members, colleagues, students, families and communities. Now more than ever, we must remain strong to support each other. 

Please keep watching for updates and let us know if you have additional needs, requests or suggestions on how we can serve you.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.


Connie L. White, DDS, FAGD
President, Academy of General Dentistry

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