Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ultradent Extends Warranty of VALO Curing Light to 5 Years


The VALO curing light from Ultradent Products came to market in 2009.  That means (for those of you who are math impaired) that the VALO product line is now 10 years old.  That doesn’t really seem possible from my point of view, but hey as they say “temps fugit”.

Over those last 10 years, the VALO has pretty much become the Lamborghini of curing lights in dentistry.  The device didn’t invent the low profile design (which I affectionately refer to as the “toothbrush design)”, but it did pretty much perfect it.  Prior to the popularity of the VALO, the “gun style” curing light was incredibly common.  After the VALO that style pretty much disappeared.

Prior to the VALO, curing lights only had an output of 450nm which worked great for camphorquinone, but failed to work well with other photoinitiators in composites.  However, the VALO had LEDs in a “range” of wavelengths which meant that any material could be photopolymerized with the VALO.

The VALO has always had an incredibly powerful output and has only improved that over the years.  Stronger output means better depth of cure which translates to less post op sensitivity and longer lasting restorations.

Finally, the VALO has always been the most durable curing light on the market.  Before the VALO, curing lights were made out of injection molded plastic.  The VALO is machined out of aerospace grade aluminum in huge milling units located in the basement of Ultradent.  Drop a plastic light from a dental counter top and, if your are lucky, it will only chip or crack.  Worst case it shatters and no longer works.  VALO is made like a Humvee.  Drop it, it bounces, and it comes back for more.  It is the most durable piece of dental equipment on the planet.

From the company:

Every VALO light starts out as a single bar of tempered, high-grade aerospace aluminum, and is then CNC precision milled in our facility in Utah. This true unibody construction gives the VALO light superior heat dissipation and ensures that it is the most durable dental curing light available.

That durability and reliability has now made the news once again as Ultradent has just announced that they are extending the warranty of the Best of Class winning VALO to a never before heard of Five Years!!!  That’s right… not only is the VALO expected to last 5 years, if it doesn’t, it’s still under warranty.  How many products in dentistry have a 5 year warranty?  The answer is: not very many.

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