Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Kavo Announces Release of new Intraoral Sensor - Kavo IXS


The company Kavo-Kerr has a long history of incredible products.  Over the years I’ve told readers and audiences that I consider the company to be the manufacturer of some of the best products in the profession.  There are several companies under their product umbrella… including Gendex.

This new sensor is the successor to the Gendex GXS-700 sensor which I have been using in my practice since before they were released.  AAMOF I have the honor of being the first office in the US that used the GXS-700 sensor.  I can tell you from personal experience that the image quality of the platform is tremendous.

Now comes the next generation of these amazing sensors.  Here is what the company has to say about them:

 KaVo Imaging unveiled an all-new addition—KaVo IXS –  to its sensor portfolio at the 2020 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting.

KaVo IXS intraoral X-ray sensors come to fruition after years of product development and customer feedback. “We incorporated the successes from our line of Gendex sensors and added customer requested enhancements,” said Jordan Reiss, Director of Product Management, KaVo Imaging, North America. “We are proud that the new KaVo IXS sensors are more durable, automated, and reliable than many other sensor options available today.”

KaVo IXS size 1 and size 2 sensors feature KaVoTough™ engineering in both the sensor and the cable which were thoroughly tested to surpass Gendex GXS-700 sensors in both strength and durability*:

  • KaVo IXS sensors are 3 times more resistant to damage or functional failure than GXS-700
  • KaVo IXS can withstand double the biteforce without cosmetic damage than GXS-700
  • The KaVo IXS cable can withstand over 240,000 bend cycles
  • The KaVo IXS cable can also withstand 22 lbs. of force without functional failure

Like Gendex GXS-700, KaVo IXS sensors have open architecture software capabilities. Seamlessly integrate KaVo IXS, without the need for a bridge or any additional modules, into the most popular imaging and practice management software, such as: DTX™ Studio, DEXIS™, VixWin™, Cliniview™, Dentrix Ascend, Eaglesoft® Advanced Imaging, and Apteryx.

KaVo IXS also includes automatic software updates, direct-download calibration files inside the sensor, and IoT capabilities for proactive sensor health monitoring.
With exceptional image quality, two ergonomically designed sizes, and a no-questions-asked, unconditional replacement warranty, KaVo IXS is guaranteed for quality. To learn more or see a demonstration in your office, please visit kavo.com or call 888-ASK-KAVO.

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