Thursday, February 6, 2020

iTero Announces Updates to Platform for Existing Users


Here is big news for offices that are using/own an iTero intraoral scanner.  One of the incredible things about devices that are constantly Internet connected is that companies can make updates to these devices without any user intervention.  

This situation is so much easier than having to get the word out to every user to go to a dedicated page and download an update, install, and then run.  Now the software is updated when the device is idle and when you open the program, the changes have been made and the update has been run.

These situations also a great for the manufacturer because they can roll out the updates to a few users at a time.  That way if the worst case scenario happens and the update creates a problem, it can be rectified when it only affects a few users and not the entire user base.  In my career, I’ve seen mass distribution of an update create mayhem when a bug took every system offline and then the calls from users overwhelmed tech support (this was NOT iTero).  It took the better part of a week to rectify that problem.

So if you are an iTero office and have not received this email, you might check your spam folder or contact the company.  However, you won’t miss the email because I’m providing it for you here:

Dear Doctor,
Beginning February 6, 2020 the iTero team will begin a gradual rollout of new software features and enhancements on your iTero scanner and portal, including:
  • Automatic margin line marking
  • Removal of excess material
  • Editing patient details in MyiTero

Below please find all of the details. If you have any questions or need support please contact iTero support at 800-577-8767.
On Your iTero Scanner
Automatic margin line markingThe software will now automatically detect and mark the margin for restorative case types requiring crowns. After scanning, when you tap the margin line tool (highlighted in yellow in the image below), the 3D model display moves to the occlusal view and zooms in on the prepped tooth. A message is displayed, prompting you to wait while the automatic AI-based margin line is being detected. While in this mode you can manually change the margin by rotating the 3D image and touching and dragging the connection points along the green line. Note: only single crown indication is currently supported.

The Margin Line toolbar now includes an additional tool (outlined in the red box in the image below) that will enable you to create the margin line automatically if it is deleted.

Improved removal of excess materialRemove excess material in real time, during scanning, based on an AI algorithm.You can turn off the AI functionality for rare dentitions at your discretion. To turn off the functionality long press and hold on the iTero screen. A menu will appear, select "disable A.I. cleanup". Note: The algorithm does not support edentulous cases. Enhancements
Editing patient details in MyiTeroYou can now edit patient details in to ensure that the first name, last name, and chart number exist and are identical for a specific patient. This is to prevent the patient profile from being duplicated and information being lost. After synchronizing with the iTero scanner, the new details will be used in all applications and for all future cases.

If you have any questions about the use of these new features, please contact iTero support at: 800-577-8767.  We hope that you enjoy using these new improvements.
The iTero Team

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