Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Congrats to Our Beloved Kansas City Chiefs!!!

On Sunday night, the Kansas City Chiefs became Super Bowl Champions for the second time in 50 years.  It's been a long rough road for the city, but now it all seems worth it.

The team beat the Minnesota Vikings in January 1970.  It was their second Super Bowl appearance in 4 years and the city was optimistic that there would be a few more in the not too distant future.  Unfortunately, that team was the best of the best and things quickly degraded after the win.

What followed was more than 2 decades of failure and horrendous football as well as horrendous  decision making by the front office.  Attendance plummeted and many games feature fans sitting in the stands with paper bags over their heads.

Then in 1989 Carl Peterson was hired as general manager and he promptly hired Marty Schottenheimer as head coach.  Even though the team never won a world championship under that regime, football greatness returned to Kansas City and the town responded with sellout crowds and a game day experience that has become legendary.

Since 1989 the Chiefs have seen some amazing success.  They have almost always been competitive and the city has maintained its love affair with the team.  The bad news is that despite many great teams and terrific seasons, the Chiefs have failed to win a championship.

Enter Patrick Mahomes.  Football is a game where a few great players in key positions can make a tremendous difference.  Mahomes is an incredible talent and the Chiefs have grown in domination along with him.

The other thing about Mahomes is his personality.  Although he is 24 years old, he conducts himself with the grace and personality of someone many years older.  His interviews are a study in maturity and grace.  Consequently, the city has fallen in love with him.

Throughout the years since the 1989 rebirth of the team, Kansas City has always lacked a young, great quarterback.  We've had some great ones (i.e. Joe Montana) but they were on the downside of their careers.  We've never had the opportunity to have a truly young superstar quarterback to build a team around... until now.

The city has embraced young Patrick Mahomes... and he has embraced the city.  Although I love my Royals, Kansas City is more of a football city.  This town has been salivating for a reason to celebrate a Super Bowl for decades now.  I'm proud to say that moment has arrived.

Thanks to the Chiefs for bringing the Lombardi Trophy to Kansas City.  You guys have made the city proud and we are excited to see the next steps in this journey!

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