Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Almost Invincible Lithium-Ion Battery


You may remember a few years ago, during the craze of the cheap hoverboards, that the dangers of Lithium-ion batteries began to appear.

It seems that one of the things that, at the time, was causing expensive gadgets to be, well expensive, was the price of the battery that powered said gadget.  However, the manufacturing boom in countries that had lower costs suddenly meant that expensive batteries were no longer so expensive.  Unfortunately the quality control also wasn’t as good. 

Suddenly batteries were exploding and catching fire which created huge scares and also damage.

To this day, many times as you check a bag at the airport they will ask if you have a lithium ion battery in there.

Now comes word that researchers at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory have been hard a work to create a Lithium-ion battery that can take a licking and keep your gadgets ticking.  Their success means a battery that can be cut, shot, bent, and soaked without an interruption in power.  It’s also an incredible material.  It is clear, non-flammable, and doesn’t need to be wrapped in a hard plastic case.

One of the best things is that it is based on water… that’s right water.  I love the fact that fire and water don’t usually mix very well, so the safety is sort of “built in”.

This could very well be the future in many of our gadgets and let’s face it, safety is a huge deal for battery operated gear.

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