Thursday, January 9, 2020

Dentistry Ranks as #2 in List of Top U.S. Jobs


I absolutely love the profession of dentistry and, from the looks of this survey, it seems that lots of other people love it too.

Every year US News & World Report puts together a very detailed list of the best jobs in the United States.  It’s broken down into several categories such as Healthcare, STEM, best paying, etc.  In the year just ended dentistry continued to hold a strong position.  It is #2 in the overall Best Job category and a whopping #1 in the Best Healthcare category.

As someone in the trenches who practices full time, I couldn’t agree more.  While there are a few days where working at a bait shop seems like a better idea than dentistry, those days are few and far between.  99% of the time I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to earn a living doing what I truly love to do.  The profession allows you to call your own shots without having to (in most instances) dealing with the headaches that come with a job at a large corporation.  A large percentage of physicians now work for large corporations and while that allows doctors to focus more on patient care, there is also the other part that makes you just a gear in the machine.  Dentistry is not at that point with corporate healthcare… yet.  Most dentists make all of their own decisions without the trouble that comes with corporate overseers.

Dentistry is a terrific profession.  It allows you to help people in ways that they understand & appreciate while also getting to know those people very, very well.  Not many of us enjoy being patients, but people are very good at understanding we are there to help them and to make the experience as pleasant as we are able to do.

I routinely tell my younger patients who are starting to look at their career path, “Figure out what you love and do that.”  Money is important, but it doesn’t mean all that much if you are miserable.  

Dentistry is a tremendous career… if you LOVE it.  However, if everyday when you look in the mirror you are miserable, you should immediately begin to work on finding what you love and working toward *that*.  

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