Thursday, December 19, 2019

Place. Twist. Done. with the Palodent® 360 Circumferential Matrix System

Dentsply Sirona, the world’s
largest manufacturer of professional dental products and
technologies, introduces the new Palodent® 360 circumferential
matrix system. This revolutionary new design allows clinicians to
achieve tight contacts with anatomically natural contours
without the use of an awkward retainer or applicator and all with
a simple twist of their fingers.

“The newest addition to the Palodent® family of
matrix systems will provide clinicians with all
the tools they need to easily conduct any Class
II restorations with complete confidence,” said
Paquita Poindexter, Product Marketing
Manager for Dentsply Sirona Restorative.” The
simplicity of the Palodent® 360 circumferential
matrix systems allows for simpler, quick
restorations for the clinician and the patient.”

Like the Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system, Palodent® 360
features an anatomically shaped matrix band to provide
predictable, tight contacts that replicate natural tooth anatomy.
The new system can be used for all Class II restorations including
difficult Class II cases, such as situations where there is no
adjacent tooth or there is a severely rotated tooth.

Furthermore, increase efficiency with the use of the Palodent®
360 system by decreasing the time needed for set up. Additional
benefits of the new simplified design include:

-  Ease of Placement
-  No retainer to obstruct access
-  Clear View of the Operating Field
-  No uncomfortable retainer

Palodent® 360 matrix bands are compatible with the Palodent®
Plus retaining rings and wedges to further assist in creating an
optimal seal or additional space in situations where there is a
tight interproximal space. With the addition of the Palodent® 360
circumferential matrix system, the Palodent® family of matrix
systems can cover all posterior Class II restorations.
For excellent restorations, faster and easier than you ever
thought possible, turn to Palodent® 360. Success comes full

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