Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Goetze Dental Family Celebrates 135 Yearswith New Fifth Generation Leadership!


Our world has changed a lot in the pst 20-30 years.  And it hasn’t just been the continuing extension and penetration of technology into every nook and cranny of our existence.  Unfortunately it has also been about the changes in business.  It seems that the small business environment has also suffered as “mom and pop” operations are forced out by large corporations that undercut on wholesale costs & put smaller competitors out of the landscape.

This has been apparent, not only in “normal” consumer brick and mortar businesses, but also in dentistry as well.  From a clinical standpoint the industry has seen a huge influx of corporate dentistry devouring or crippling the solo practice.  However, it’s also become commonplace on the supply side of the equation as well.  At one point in time small local solo practices in medicine and dentistry were supported by small local suppliers that were family owned and worked synergistically with each other for the good of the customer (the patient).

Yet, just as we’ve witnessed WalMart move into a town and quickly put local merchants out of business or buying them up, there has also been a tidal wave of small independent dental supply companies being purchased and absorbed by large supply companies.  These same large supply companies are also selling to corporate dental offices, but the prices they offer these corporate clinics are at a much lower price than those offered to the small traditional practice.

How does a smaller company like Goetze Dental manage to stay viable in today’s climate?  It’s a simple process really.  Goetze Dental realized that they are a 5th generation family owned company and that they owe this longevity to small family owned dental practices.  Because of that, they have chosen not to sell to corporate clinics and instead to support the customers that have supported them for 135 years.  Loyalty and treating customers like friends has been the secret to their continued success.

The good folks at Goetze Dental have a tremendous record of success that has come by treating their customers the way their customers deserve to be treated.  They also have an incredible team of dedicated employees that have incredible numbers of years of service and those numbers are just one more indicator of how their corporate culture extends from the customer to every employee.

Although I doubt I will be practicing when they celebrate their 270th anniversary, I hope they are still around to do so!  Congratulations Goetze, you deserve to celebrate a bit!

Goetze Dental turned 135 years old on September 24, 2019! We are so grateful to you and our entire Goetze Dental community for your trust and support over the years.

Marking the occasion, the fifth generation of leadership stepped into executive management with Ben Brunker named president and David Brunker named chief operating officer.  Owners and fourth generation family members, Don and Janet Brunker, will remain active in the business, with Don continuing on as chief executive officer and Janet as senior vice president, finance.

Ben Brunker joined the company in 2004 as a business analyst and in 2008 moved into the role of vice president of marketing.  He became vice president of sales and marketing in 2013.  Ben holds a bachelor's degree in finance from Missouri State University and an MBA in finance from The University of Missouri - Kansas City.

David Brunker began his career as a business analyst with Goetze Dental in 2014 and in 2015 he was named vice president of service.  David holds bachelor's degree in management and leadership from The University of Kansas.

Other leadership changes include role changes for longtime Goetze Dental employees Larry Dalrymple and Keith Lister. Dalrymple becomes vice president of merchandise and Lister becomes vice president of information technology and warehouse logistics.

It's been an exciting 135 years so far, and now the Goetze Dental family is sure the next are the best to come!

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