Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sugary Fruit Drinks for Children are Over Consumed and Unhealthy Despite Package Claims of "Real, Natural, and/or Organic"


According to the University of Connecticut’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, U.S. children are continually increasing the amount of sugary drinks they consume and this is leading to obesity and disease later in life.  

The problem is that many parents see, hear, or read advertising claims and believe the claims at face value.  In reality the median juice content is only 5% while the median sugar amount is 16 grams (which is 1.25 tablespoons).  That’s a whopping amount of sugar for a drink in a “kid size” bottle.

It’s easy for a parent to look at something that is “fruit juice” and assume that because it is “fruit” that it has to be healthy for their children.  

The study has some incredibly enlightening information, such as the following:

One serving of 11 of the children’s fruit drinks analyzed had more than 50% of the recommended amount of daily added sugar for children (i.e., >12.5 g), including many of the highest-selling brands (Capri Sun Juice Drink, Hawaiian Punch, Sunny D, and Minute Maid Lemonade).

As most of us have realized, there is an obesity problem in the United States.  Not only can this affect children while they are still children, but this can continue to impact them as they grow into adulthood.  Heart disease, diabetes, many other diseases have direct link to obesity.  Unfortunately, branding drinks with incredibly high sugar content as “healthy” is neither *healthy* or truthful.  The Rudd Center report has some incredible statistics and I feel it bears reading even if you are not a parent of young children.

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