Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Objective By the Sea Conference is Coming this Spring on Maui


If you are into security and especially security that revolves around all things Apple, it’s time to start preparing for Objective by the Sea Version 3.0

One of the things that helps me to stay on top of technology is a habit I’ve developed of nosing around the Internet and reading things that are in my areas of interest.  Of course when you’re me, that sphere of interest can be pretty large at times which means I sometimes lose myself in a multitude of pages dealing with a multitude of subjects.  To my benefit (and hopefully your’s occasionally) I go “down the rabbit hole” and find some pretty interesting things.  Not always, mind you, but often enough that I feel it pays off.

Two or three years ago I happened to stumble across an article on Apple security and it introduced me to a Mac security researcher by the name of Patrick Wardle.  He is a pretty interesting guy and very familiar with the security of the Apple Ecosystem.  His bio states:

Patrick Wardle is a Principal Security Researcher at Jamf and founder of Objective-See. Having worked at NASA and the NSA, as well as presented at countless security conferences, he is intimately familiar with aliens, spies, and talking nerdy. Patrick is passionate about all things related to macOS security and thus spends his days finding Apple 0days, analyzing macOS malware and writing free open-source security tools to protect Mac users.

When I learned about Patrick, I also learned that he writes code for apps that help keep your Mac secure.  I’ve been using them religiously ever since and have been really happy with them.  Obviously someone with the background that he has means his coding skills have been very well honed.  I’ve been impressed enough with him to become a Patreon supporter.

I was also impressed to learn that Patrick created a meeting called Objective by the Sea that deals with Apple security.  The event is now entering its third year and for anyone who is interested in coding and the security of the Apple Ecosystem, this is a meeting that I really think you should consider.  While the event is still in the planning stages as far as the venue is concerned, you can get overview details from the website.  Put this one on your calendars now if Maui in March 2020 seems like a good idea (and really, why wouldn’t it be?)  

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