Thursday, October 10, 2019

Emsisoft Releases *FREE* Decryption Tool for Muhstik Ransomware


As we all know, having a strong and reliable antivirus program running on your computers is incredibly important.  Connecting to the Internet without a reliable antivirus is simply asking for trouble and not worth the risk.  However, many users simply opt for one of the “big boys” of antivirus and don’t even consider alternatives.

The problem with some of the more well known AV programs on the market  is that they are rather process intensive.  This means they can sometimes slow your system down considerably.  The good news is that you are protected, the bad news is that your computer takes considerably longer to accomplish tasks.  Some of these AV suites also insert themselves so deep into your system that trying to removed them is almost impossible.  That means if you ever decide to go with another company, you may be unable to uninstall the current program.

That’s why I recommend researching and evaluating multiple vendors and not simply going with a company because everyone has heard of them.  There are several companies that provide very strong and reliable AV protection for a lower cost and don’t take over your system.

Some of these companies were started by individuals with strong backgrounds in Internet security and they continue to do research into security problems and even offer solutions.  One of those companies is Emsisoft.  The company provides a very robust and reliable AV suite that is rock solid and affordable.

I also love the fact that the company is giving back to the security field.  As you know, a lot of my interests lately have been focused on security and trying to help readers avoid that ravages of Ransomware.  Emsisoft recently released a FREE decryption tool for the Ransomeware variant called “Muhstik”.  For those affected by it, short of paying the ransom those affected don’t have much choice.  However as a way to help those affected, Emsisoft released the software at no charge, simply because helping is the right thing to do.

If you’ve been affected by Muhstik this is great news.  For those of you looking for a terrific AV product and would like to support a company committed to helping the industry, take a look at Emsisoft.

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