Monday, October 28, 2019

Axsys Dental's Versamill 5X400 wii be Arriving Soon

I’m very excited for the arrival of the Versatile 5X400 by Axsys Dental.  This is a truly game changing 5 axis dental mill that is capable of producing practically any type of appliance or prosthetic that a dental office could need or prescribe.

When I first say a demonstration of the 5X400 I was delighted to see the amazing results the device is capable of.  It can mill zirconia, precious metals, titanium, glass ceramics (including lithium disilicate), models, clear aligners, occlusal guards, bridges, crowns, and more.

For years now the milling aspect of CAD/CAM has been limited to single units.  Since the majority (around 80%) of prosthetics in general dental practices are done as single units, this hasn’t been an incredible limiting factor.  However, offices that enjoyed the single visit aspect of CAD/CAM really had no choice but to opt for laboratory fabricated prosthetics when it came to bridges, custom abutments, etc.  Now, with the 5X400 those problem have been solved.  The mill can cut single units out of the “blocks” that offices are used to, while also taking advantage of milling from “pucks” for long spans and full arch appliances.  

The unit destined for my office is currently going through it’s final quality assurance testing and will be arriving soon.  We’re excited to begin implementing the system and evaluating the results.

Here are some of the basics from the company:

  • 5-Axis dental milling center capable of 5-Axis simultaneous machining  including undercuts.
  • Closed-loop position control assures accuracy and eliminates frequent machine calibrations.
  • Machine wide variety of materials - including: zirconia, glass-ceramics, wax, Ultimate, titanium* & more.
  • Ideal for the production of bridges, copings, inlays, onlays crowns, models, and more— even titanium abutments*.
  • Long tool life and superior surface finishes due to extreme stability and minimum vibration.
  • Flexible universal fixturing for quick adaption to different materials and restoration types.
  • Integrated HSM machine control.
  • Open architecture design compatible with industry standard software for easy integration into a complete manufacturing solution.

Needless to say I’ll be posting here and on my social media channels as the evaluation continues.  If you haven’t yet followed me on Twitter of Facebook, these links will get you there.

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