Thursday, September 19, 2019

DDS Rescue Announces Their Response to the RansomWare Attack of August 26


I want to make perfectly clear in this post that the company DDS Rescue was in no way involved with the attack mentioned in this post.  In fact if one of their customers had been affected by the breach, DDS Rescue would have had them back up and running quickly.  No, this is their response to those offices who have heard of the attack and are looking for reliable solutions to help prevent being affected by these types of attacks in the future.  DDS Rescue protects the data in my office and I trust them completely with my office data.


CARLSBAD, CA—On Monday, August 26, 2019, a Ransomware attack was pushed
out to more than 400 dental offices throughout the United States. This Ransomware
attack was associated with the companies PercSoft, The Digital Dental Record
and DDS Safe.

DDS Rescue is issuing this statement to confirm that their company is not associated
with any of these companies and has not been attacked by Ransomware.

DDS Rescue customers are protected and all data is secure. As cybersecurity professionals, DDS Rescue does everything it can to maintain customers’ data protection on a daily basis.

Since this most recent attack occurred, DDS Rescue has been in touch with many
dental offices, and they are encouraging customers to continue to ask them questions
about the nature of Ransomware attacks and cybersecurity.

DDS Rescue has a number of procedures in place that prevent the type of Ransomware attacks that have happened in recent months.

For further information visit or phone DDS Rescue
at (800) 998-9048.

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