Tuesday, September 3, 2019

BlueLight Analytics is Coming... and you DO NOT Want to Miss It!


Do you want to have the most predictable and long lasting restorations?  Of course you do.  You *expect* that out of yourself and your patients do as well.  It’s the reason we all get up in the morning and do what we do.  Doing your absolute best is what we do.  It’s the mantra the dentistry lives by.  Because of that basic tenet, knowledge of your procedures is power… but how about knowledge about your power  making you even more powerful?

Learn the science and power behind your curing light with CheckUp from BlueLight Analytics.  This amazing device will tell you the exact digital output of your curing light as well as the recommendations of curing times for the composites that you are using.  It’s an amazing device that truly has to be seen to get the full effect of how much it can do for your practice and your restorative procedures.  When we saw CheckUp in Chicago this year, the other Cellerant Best of Class Panel and I were blown away with the company, their device, and their mission.  That’s why we voted CheckUp as a Best of Class winner.

In case you haven’t received the emails they’ve been sending out, BlueLight Analytics will be in San Francisco where you will have a chance to get hands-on demos of CheckUp.  I’ve been using CheckUp in my practice since March and it is not something I want to be without.  This device is highly recommended.

Here’s a little bit from the company about the device and why you need to make sure you come by and see it...

We’re only a few days away until ADA/FDI World Dental Congress 2019 kicks off and we are getting so excited to talk about all things curing lights and materials—and of course, meet you!
We will be introducing our Cellerant Best of Class awarding-winning technology, checkUP, and we want you to be there. checkUP is the world’s first smart light measurement and materials management device that lets you accurately monitor the output of your curing lights, track your list of materials, and generate precise curing times based on each light reading. Visit our booth to learn more about checkUP and how it can help you increase restoration success!
Why visit our booth?
A chance to win $500 by taking a swing at “The Optimal Cure” game
Learn more about checkUP, and how it can save you time and money by increasing restoration success!

And much more!
Where: ADA/FDI Exhibit Hall, Booth #2133
When: All conference long—September 5th-7th

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