Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Shofu EyeSpecial III - A Clinical Camera that Impresses


The good and smart people at Shofu dental products make some pretty cool products.  One of their best recently is the EyeSpecial C-III camera.

In order to properly communicate and document in today’s dental practice, images are an absolute must.  However, getting really good images can be time consuming and usually requires a camera that requires extensive training in order to use properly.  Shofu realized these limitations and sought to create a camera that can take state of the art images while utilizing something that is a simple “point and shoot”.

I’ve been evaluating this camera for about 3 months now and I have come away from the experience truly impressed.  The device is truly simple to use and yet even though it is simple to use, the photos it produces are incredible!  Usually in a dental setting, taking photos is time consuming and especially so when you factor in the fact that you might need a photo in the middle of a procedure where you’ll need to de-glove to avoid cross contamination.  This device can be wiped with disinfectant to prevent this.

The EyeSpecial C-III is a truly incredible  and easy to use solution.  Any member of the staff can pick it up and be using it to acquire state of the art photos in a matter of minutes.  If you are planning on attending the ADA Meeting, make sure to go by the Shofu booth and check this out!   It is *highly* recommended!  

Here’s what Shofu says about this terrific piece of tech:


The EyeSpecial C-III digital dental camera is designed exclusively for dentistry. It produces
predictable and consistent clinical photographs for case documentation, diagnosis and
treatment planning, patient communication and education, insurance verification, legal
documentation and dental lab collaboration. All team members, regardless of experience
level, can achieve identical results! The camera offers 12 megapixels, intuitive one-touch
operations, an ultra-lightweight sleek body and a large LCD touchscreen that allows

the team to view and scroll through images with a gloved hand. Compatible with Wi-Fi
wireless memory cards, clinical photos can be instantly transferred and uploaded to an
operatory computer or other OSHA- and HIPAA-compliant devices.
  •  pre-set dental shooting modes
  •  Auto-cropping, smart focus and zoom
  •  Exclusive FlashMatic system for true-color reproduction
  •  Shutter speed: 1/1000 of a second
  •  Water, chemical and scratch resistant
  •  Enables OSHA and HIPAA compliance1
  •  Ultra-lightweight body: approximately 1lb

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