Monday, August 26, 2019

Nobio Receives FDA Clearance for Infinix Flowable and Bulk-Flow Composites with its Proprietary QASi Particle Technology

As I recently wrote in an earlier post, Nobio has received FDA approval.  Now comes more info on this new antimicrobial composite as well as the opportunity for you to reserve a starter kit of this new material.
For years the field of dentistry has been looking for a material that not only matches the natural shade of teeth, but also lasts for the long term.  The interesting thing about dental silver amalgam fillings is that despite lacking aesthetics, recurrent decay was not routinely common.  When composite restorations came along, their aesthetics were head and shoulders above silver amalgam, but their longevity was not nearly as great.  A 5 year survival rate of composites is considered routine while a 10 year survival rate is considered a huge success.  In fact, a study of approximately 500,000 restorations tracked over 11 years found that 23% of those restorations failed after 2 years.
With Nobio’s materials containing QASi particles, the longevity of the composite is expected to increase.  Here is the latest from the company:

Nobio is excited to announce the FDA clearance of the first two products in its family of advanced dental restoratives. The Infinix Flowable and Bulk-Fill Composites contain Nobio's QASi particle technology, which maintains the integrity of the restoration and protects the restoration from degradation by bacteria over time.


The Nobio QASi particle technology:


1. Is non-releasing, so their antimicrobial activity doesn't wane over time


2. QASi particles are present in the whole material, including at the cavity-restoration micro-gap, which are prone to micro-leakage of cariogenic bacteria


3. QASi particles act only upon direct contact between the microorganism and the restoration material, thus not effecting the normal flora of the oral cavity


The Infinix Flowable Composite is ideal for base and liner in direct restorations, as well as pint and fissure sealant. The Infinix Bulk-Fill Flow Composite is ideal for posterior restorations, which are more prone to recurrent caries. Both composites come in shades A1, A2 and A3, and their mechanical and handling characteristics are comparable to leading brands. 


Clinical studies demonstrating that the presence of QASi in these products improves clinical outcomes have not been conducted.


To read more about Infinix advanced dental restoratives AND reserve your free

Infinix Starter Kit, click here.

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