Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Nobio gets FDA Approval for Anti-Bacterial Dental Fillings


Here’s some incredible news that stands a really good chance to change dentistry as we currently know it.  An Israeli company, Nobio, has been working quietly on a game changing product.

Nobio created a chemical that basically prevents decay from starting around fillings.  The end result is a composite (white filling material) that contains this chemical.

Most fillings have a lifetime of around 10 years and the main reason for their replacement is the simple fact that decay begins around the edges of the material at the “filling-tooth interface”.  While this isn’t the only reason that necessitates replacement, its definitely one of the main causes.  While many people feel that dentistry should last “forever” it’s important to remember that the “real tooth” suffered breakdown from decay and, in reality, we cannot expect something man made to do any better than what nature started with.

With the ability to prevent or significantly slow recurrent decay around fillings, Nobio could very well extend the life of every filling placed.  Obviously the *need* for fillings won’t decrease as natural teeth will continue to suffer fractures and decay, but the replacement of existing fillings could decrease dramatically if the material fulfills its promise.

Over the last year I’ve had a chance to meet with the Nobio team and learn quite a bit about their invention.  While I have not had the opportunity to place the material in a human patient yet, I’ve had an opportunity to learn the science behind it.  I’ve also had a chance to experiment with the material in some bench work.

The future looks bright for Nobio.  Look for the company to have a product on the market soon.  Here is a link to a story that helps explain things… 

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