Monday, August 19, 2019

Maybe We Just Shouldn't Be So Lazy

Here's *another* scam alert that I felt obligated to pass along.  I came across an article recently that made me shake my head.  It turns out that many consumers have become dependent on Voice Assistants to help call business.
It’s becoming more and more common for consumers to, say notice a leaky faucet and say, “Alexa (or Google or Siri), call a plumber.”  The assistant then places the call and the homeowner schedules the needed service.
Unfortunately scammers are gaming this system.  By paying for high ranking ads in search engines, businesses that exist only to bill you or rip you off are appearing high in the rankings and are the first numbers our assistants call.  It seems that digital assistants are not nearly as good at recognizing potential scams are real humans are.  Thus they place the call and the consumer gets billed for things not done or talked into “upgrades” etc.
As a techie type, I was a bit surprised by this because I always do a bit of research before calling a business and I don’t use any of my personal assistants to do so.  This is just one more reason to stay vigilant of digital scams!
For an in-depth look at this, read the article at Forbes.  

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