Monday, August 12, 2019

Boost Your Security with a VPN


With the near universal Wifi coverage we are all enjoying, it’s important to remember that security is always an important issue.

Whether on a phone, tablet, or laptop an open and unsecured wireless connection can be easily scanned and manipulated by criminals.  For instance, if you are sitting in the local coffee shop and checking your email.  Your email program will send your username and password to the email server.  This is how the email server identifies you.  It then creates the connection and your email downloads to your device.

However, if the connection is not encrypted it is really easy to run a program on the same Wifi connection that will grab your username and password as it is transmitted through the air.  Once the criminal has that information, they can then use it to log into your email account.  The same goes for anything you’d like to keep secure.  Office info, banking info, credit cards, you name it can all be stolen while you are sipping your latte.

Most of us at home and at work use Wifi that requires a password.  That is what keeps your information safe.  However, open Wifi networks offer no security at all.  Unfortunately not many honest people realize this while lots of dishonest people do...

So how do you combat this?  By utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  It’s an app that you install on your device that encrypts your Wifi transmissions and makes them safe from criminals.  There are many VPNs readily available.  The one I happen to be using right now is called FreeDome VPN and it’s from a company called F-Secure.  You can read about it and purchase it here.

F-Secure is an incredible company that makes terrific security products.  If you’d prefer to pick your own, just go to Google and search the term VPN.  You’ll see more results than you’ll know what to do with.  The important thing here is to simply purchase one and use it.  Having your info stolen is a huge risk and it is one you do NOT want to take.

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