Wednesday, August 21, 2019

ADA Redesigns Badges for Upcoming ADA/FDI Meeting in San Francisco


Hats off to the American Dental Association for their progress in updating efficiency for the upcoming ADA/FDI meeting to be held next month in San Francisco.

I’ve received word that for this meeting and going forward, the ADA has done away with paper tickets for educational courses.  Instead attendees will receive a plastic badge with a QR code that will contain all the necessary information for admission to courses, etc.

This is a pretty cool idea that should help attendees since you'll no longer have several paper tickets to take care of and keep track of.  I'll be speaking at the meeting and am looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Here is what the ADA has announced:

New for 2019, the ADA is no longer printing tickets for individual courses and sessions at ADA FDI 2019

Continuing education courses, along with access to most social events, will be stored in the QR code on the meeting badge or listed as an icon on the badge.

ADA FDI 2019 will scan the badge for these courses in lieu of attendees handing in paper course tickets as in years past. Along with this process, we are streamlining the look of the badge. The new badges are made of a resilient, specially coated plastic material that no longer necessitates a badge holder.

With this move away from badge holders, the ADA will also be eliminating the printed speaker ribbons traditionally provided in the past.

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