Thursday, July 11, 2019

Isolite 3 Evaluation Complete


For over a month now we’ve been using and evaluating the Isolite 3 from Zyris and I have to admit that I have come away very impressed.

For those of you who may not be completely knowledgable about the system, the Isolite 3 is a retraction, vacuum, and illumination device.  It provides a bite block, tongue, and cheek retraction in a disposable mouthpiece.  The system is connected to the office vacuum pump.  The mouthpiece has several holes that provide incredible removal of water and saliva leaving a dry well isolated field in which to work.  The non-disposable part of the system has 2 high intensity LEDs.  One of the LEDs is bright white from illumination of the field while the other is orange and works as illumination while performing procedures with light sensitive materials such as composites.  It allows the field to be brightly defined without worry of premature photo polymerization.

We have used it in a variety of clinical situations.  It makes things remarkably easy.  Whether it’s for operative or fixed prosthetics, the device makes treatment *much* easier to perform.  By retracting all tissues, lighting the field, and keeping the field dry the Isolite has been a welcome addition to the armamentarium.  One of the really great things about the parent company Zyris is their commitment to educating offices on proper usage.  The staff went thought a very detailed live online training utilizing 2 way video that allowed the trainer to show us the proper way to place the device and then she watched the staff place it on each other and offered suggestions.  when the training was complete we all walked away with a high degree of confidence.

In clinical usage I can assure you that the training paid off.  Without training, the Isolite learning curve would have been much greater.  Instead, it was placed and we were off to work.  The device made me more efficient and helped free up the assistant as well.

After each procedure where it was used I took time to talk to the patient and get their honest evaluation.  In all of the procedures, only 1 person said they would prefer to have treatment without it.  All the others stated it was comfortable and they loved being able to close on the bite block.  Many also commented on the fact that the vacuum system also worked extremely well and that they preferred it over the standard way.

If you are looking for a way to increase you efficiency while also making patients more comfortable I feel you should check out the Isolite 3 by Zyris.  This product is highly recommended.

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