Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What is the Point of the Stickers, Anyway?


Sometimes life just throws things at you and you have too vent.  This post is about one of those things.

I recently had to upgrade my DDS Rescue system.  It’s a tremendous office backup system that uses both a local device that provides *constant* backups as well as a cloud component that stores a HIPAA secure backup of all my data in the cloud.  It really is the best of both worlds and I highly recommend using this service.  

As you can well imagine, we create a LOT of digital data in the office and my older DDS Rescue device was starting to fill up.  We simply had too much data and the hard drives in the smaller device were maxed out.

In order to fix the problem, the good folks at DDS Rescue sent me a new device.  While we continued to use our old device the company took our data from the cloud and copied it onto 2 brand spanking new hard drives.  The idea was,  instead of starting a backup from scratch which takes a while, we would simply put in hard drives that only needed to backup a few days of data.  That way things would quickly be back to normal.  The old system would continue to do the back-ups while the new system was catching up.  Once they were both mirror images of each other, we could disconnect the old system from the network and let the new system take its place.  That sounds easy right?

Actually is *was* easy.  However there were a few tense moments yesterday when the box with the hard drives arrived.  As you can see from the  pictures above, the concept of “Fragile” just didn’t seem to apply to this box.

The good news is that the drives suffered no damage.  We plugged them into the new DDS Rescue device and all was well.  However, it could have been a pain if the drives had been damaged.  Then we would have had to create all the data on new drives, ship the new ones in, and start all over.

So my point is, what good did the stickers do here?  Obviously this is not due to DDS Rescue, but instead, the responsibility rests on the shipping folks.  All I really want was just a little note attached saying “sorry, we messed up” or something like that.  I’m not that hard to get along with.  But just sending the box on through the system looking like that with “Fragile” all over it?  Seriously?

Thanks for letting me vent…  Back to more interesting topics tomorrow!

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