Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Best and Coolest Announcements from Apple's World Wide Developer Conference


Even if you are not a fan of Apple, chances are your life is most likely highly affected by the company.  You may have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or an iPad or perhaps some type of a Mac computer system.  Maybe your home entertainment system is run by Apple TV.  No matter what you own or use, odds are that in some way your life is being impacted by an Apple product.

Because of the impact that Apple has on almost all of our lives, it pays to pay attention to what the company has to say when it makes announcements.  These announcements are especially critical during the WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) where Apple communicates with its partners who are developing apps and other things in the Apple ecosystem.  The WWDC is frequently the place where you can find out the details of things that won’t happen for a while, but could very well be game changers when the arrive.

I’ve done a little online research and come up with somethings that I think are important for all of you to know:
  • Mac OS Update:  The newest version of the Mac computer operating system (OS) is Catalina.  The big thing about this?  iTunes is toast.  That’s right no more iTunes.  The cool new things?  You can control apps with your voice as well as use an iPad as a second monitor (even without a wired connection).
  • iPad OS:  For years it has seemed like the iPad is just a really handy giant iPhone and that’s probably because it sort of was.  That’s because they ran the same OS.  Now the iPad will get its very own OS called… wait for it… iPad OS.  The cool thing is that you can now have multiple apps show on the screen all at the same time.  You’ll also be able to connect SD cards as well as USB drives directly.
  • Apple WatchOS:  The Apple Watch just keeps getting cooler as it evolves and that boils down to the fact that Apple has done a really good job of making the device an extension of your other Apple products.  Soon you will be able to download apps directly to your watch as well as stream audio from the device.
  • iOS 13:  Of course, the real heart of all of Apple’s mobile product is its flagship, the iPhone.  The newest OS with have all kinds of new improvements.  There will be a “dark mode”, new Maps, new Reminders and host of new security features.  One that I really like is Apple will allow you, through the OS, to setup a new email address that is strictly designed to filter out SPAM you get when a company you sign up with sells your email addy.  Basically they will setup an email address that will then forward emails sent to you so that you don’t have to give any websites your actual email address.  You can then filter from this “intercepting email address” so that your own Inbox stays clear.

Of course there were lots of other things announced, but I thought these were important and interesting enough to pass along to all of you.  If you want more info, just search on Apple WWDC Announcements and you’ll most likely get more links to read than you have time for...

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